Things You May Not Notice After An Accident That Can Effect Your Cars Safety

Car accidents happen all the time and the likelihood of being involved in one, even a minor fender bender, is pretty high if you spend a lot of time on the road. If you are involved in an accident, you should have your car checked out at a collision repair shop. They will make sure your car is safe to drive and will verify that there are no surprises hiding under the car that you can't see. 

Vehicle Collision Inspections

After a car or truck has been involved in a collision of any kind, a full inspection of the vehicle should be completed to check for damage that you can not see at first glance. Most collision repair centers offer inspections of the vehicle free of charge, so they can write up an estimate for damage that you can take to the insurance company. 

The inspection includes things like the suspension system, the steering components, frame and unibody of the car, the tires and wheels, the brake lines, fuel lines, and any other parts under the vehicle that could have been damaged as a result of the crash. Often, a collision can bend something on the car or cause a crack in a hard line under the vehicle that you overlook, but the damage could affect the vehicle's safety when you are driving it. 

The collision repair technician is trained to look at the car in places that you might not otherwise consider and may find damage that you would not. Once the inspection is complete, the tech will write up a full report of the damage found and the cost to repair it so you can consider what the next step is for your car. 

Making Repairs

Most collision repair shops have a good idea of what an insurance company will pay for the repairs on your car because they work with them every day. If you choose to have your vehicle repaired at the collision repair shop that did your estimate and damage report, they can help you navigate through the process of submitting the claim and getting approval for the repairs. 

Many collision repair shops have someone dedicated to working with the insurance companies to submit claims and get them to pay for the damage that is required. If you are having trouble with the insurance company trying to avoid the claim, you may want to let the shop handle the communication between them and the insurance company for you. 

Often the experience they have and the ability to explain why the damage needs repairing could be the difference between full claim approval and the insurance company trying to lowball the claim and limit the repairs to your car or truck after a collision. Contact a collision repair service for more information.