3 Tips For Protecting Your New Camper Trailer From Theft

If you recently purchased a new camper trailer, you may worry that it could easily be hitched up to someone else's vehicle and towed away. If so, use the following three tips for taking precautions to protect your new camper from theft after you unhitch it from your vehicle.

Park The Camper With The Hitch Away From The Road

One way you can dissuade thieves from taking off with your camper trailer is to park the trailer so that the hitch is not facing the road. Although it may make parking and using the trailer a little more difficult for you, consider that it will also make it difficult for someone else.

While parking the trailer, pull your vehicle towards a wall or other structure. Then, unhitch the trailer, put a jack under the tongue, and drive your truck out of the way. Then, remove the jack, and have someone help you pull the trailer into position. Place the jack back under the tongue, then chain the trailer to the jack.

Remove The Couplet From The Tongue

On the end of the tongue is the couplet, which is the piece is what fits over the ball hitch on your towing vehicle. Without it, someone would not be able to attach your camper to their vehicle and drive off with it.

After you have secured the trailer to the jack, as discussed in the first section, remove the couplet from the tongue. You can do this by removing the bolt or pin found on either the side or top, depending on your camper's model. When you are ready to use your camper, simply replace the couplet.

Make Your Mark Somewhere On The Camper

If something does happen to your camper, you want to make sure that it is distinguishable from other campers of the same color and model. This mark could help the police find and identify the camper and see that it is yours. You can do this by making your mark somewhere on the camper.

You can use either a name or symbol that only you or your family would be able to point out. When making the mark, etch it into metal instead of using a pen or marker. While a written mark could easily be cleaned off by the thief, an etching in the chrome or under the hood is difficult to remove.

Using the above tips can help you secure your camper trailer so it does not get stolen. If you have any further questions or concerns, speak with the sales representative at the location where you purchased your camper to ask about safety features and recommendations for anti-theft devices designed specifically for your camper's model. For more information, talk with a dealer like Crowder RV Center, Inc. today.